The whitening cream that improve your skin to brightness by CINDERELLA THYME and STAR SHINING PEPTIDE. It also supplies the skin with Natural Plant Complex and Vitamin B3 & E that help your brightness skin.

Direction to Use : Gently smooth all over the face. Use daily at night time before sleeping.



Helps nourish your skin to be radiant with CINDERELLA THYME extract and innovative STAR SHINING PEPTIDE.

CINDERELLA THYME that enhances radiance Reduce dark spots Which will work well at night.

Supplement the skin with the power of natural plants and Vitamin B3 & E to make the skin look healthy.

YOKINISHITA flower extract, a ``flower under the snow``, helps restore skin dullness from sunlight.

OUGON extract is extracted from the roots of the Scutellaria (Ung Nim) plant, a herbal medicine in China and Siberia. Ougon provides a shield against pollution. And repair the skin from sun exposure.

Marigold extract Reduces inflammation in the skin. By inflammation from acne And helps reduce redness from acne And has an anti-oxidant effect