O’LESTE’ ABSOLUTE FACIAL TONER, is the miracle water that help to extended your make-up wear with just one spray. It also provide fresh skin by powerful of natural on concept “The Wonder of Ocean & Floral”.
This facial mist that can improve the dryness skin by Spring Sea Water and Ocean Star Collagen. They support moisture on your skin to provide a natural softness and smoothness to skin.
It also supplies the skin with Calendula, Chamomile, Magnolia flower and Triple Hyaluron that help to brighten skin for healthy – looking skin.

Direction to Use : Apply on your face and neck.



Natural sea water is from France. A novel active optimizing skin’s water balance, it improves the circulation of water in the skin.

CALENDULA has many active ingredient from flavonoids, saponinand lutein. They have effect of soothing and restoring damaged skin.

Ocean star collagen has a high content of protein and collagen which are very high efficient for strong, recovery and skin barrier enhancement. Then supporting your skin is look moisture.

This natural extract is a good source of whitening and anti-oxidation compounds that support on your skin, also repair the damage skin from sunlight.

The chamomile extract is the flower extract from Spain. It has soothing property. It prevents skin irritation for sensitive skin. Including, It has flavonoid that is anti-oxidant function.

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Weight 359 g