astest penetrate with Nano particles in 5-7 seconds through your skin.
• Nano Marigold extract is essentially a group of Flavornoid. Which has anti-oxidative function 500 times higher than vitamin E. Also can protect DNA from damage by free radicals through cell levels.
• Better than vitamin C, Nano Marigold Extract helps to protect the skin cells. While vitamin C has a high concentration which means high acidity can harm the skin cells.
• Helps skin brighten with 2 in 1 (treat and prevent), blemishes, freckles and dark spots. The effect has an equivalent to Arbutin, which is commonly used in cosmetic market.
• Moisturizing: adds extra moisture and reduces skin irritation. Suitable for dry and sensitive skin or irritated skin.
• Anti-inflammatory: reduces inflammation such as acne and reduces redness from acne.
• Anti-aging: aids in boosting collagen and fibroblasts. Helps reduce wrinkles.
• Strengthens skin cells: Helps reduce skin sensitivity. Suitable for sensitive skin or skin that is easily inflamed.
• Epithelizing: accelerates the building of skin layers. Helps build healthy skin and is an effective scar treatment. Helps your skin grow new layers of skin quickly and restores young skin.



Marigold flower extract, concentrated formula Has an antioxidant effect. Makes the skin white and clear, It is like 2 in 1 for both prevention and treatment of blemishes, freckles, dark spots and scars with an effect equivalent to Arbutin that is popular in the market.

Add moisture Reduce skin irritation It is suitable for dry, sensitive skin and irritated skin.

Reduce inflammation in the skin Both inflammation from acne And helps reduce redness from acne.

Stimulates fibroblast fibers in the skin. Increase the production of collagen for the skin.

Strengthens the skin cells, Helps the skin less sensitive, Suitable for sensitive skin and rash.

Accelerate the formation of skin layers Helps keep the skin healthy, heal scars so the skin can quickly regenerate new layers of skin, Keeps the skin young.